Hi I’m Mayowa!

In 2012 I walked away from my 9-5 without a safety net to start writing and publishing books. Now I’m building a $1M/yr solopreneur business empire.

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I write about Entrepreneurship, Book Publishing, Podcasting and Life.

Where Do I Start?

Learn how to build a brand called YOU, create contents that connect and sells, build an audience and monetize your skill, expertise, and experience.

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Who The Heck Is Mayowa AJisafe?

Just a guy who is obsessed with exploring his passion, likes and how business works.

Hi, I’m Mayowa!

I’m a book publishing and podcast coach for 6 and 7-figure business owners.

In July 2012, I left my only paid job to pursue my passion for exploring and building.

I started writing and publishing books and later built a $10k per month book marketing agency at Authors Crib, got bored of that, and closed that business.

I later went into freelancing on Fiverr in 2015, helping authors and would-be authors to write and publish their books. That business made me a lot of money until Fiverr’s algorithm change affected my profile, and my client source dried up.

I went into eCommerce and built two eCom brands to 6 figures between 2018 and 2020. But again, Facebook banned my ad account; I tried Google ads but could not replicate the success I had with Facebook ads.

I started The Book Cot in June 2022 to help busy 6, and 7-figure business owners write and publish their books while also starting my fourth podcast – The Six Figure Entrepreneur, which later became the client acquisition channel for The Book Cot.

I have built successful businesses in the eCom, Book Publishing, and Podcasting industries, all of which happened with being a Solopreneur.

Right now, I am on a journey to building a $1/M a year one-person business empire, and I am sharing my journey in my weekly newsletter – Solopreneur On Fire.

I am also building Client Connect Lab and The Six Figure Podcast as a resource hub for Solopreneurs and Podcasters, respectively, to make more money with what they do without having to become a salesperson, get too pushy with their dream clients, or do all those stuff I hate doing like running ads (I’ve been burned doing that in the past), building a funnel and email list (nothing sells like being a human having a real conversation with another human), posting endless contents hoping it attracts someone to buy (this works as I am a content creator myself but it takes a lot of time), sending cold emails and messages (you don’t need to annoy strangers before you can reach them) and other sales tactic that is either pushy or make you a salesman who nobody wants to talk to.

I have passions and love exploring, so I don’t believe in the conventional wisdom of niching down; when I have a lot of interests and passions, I can weave them together to stay true to who I am.

Join me here on my journey to building a $1M/year one-man business empire.